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Watch Your Step! September 6, 2009

Posted by projectabsurd in Stick Figures.

This sign I saw when we were at a local Valvoline getting the oil changed in our car. It cracked me up completely, so I was forced to sneak a picture of it (which is blurry because the flash was off):


For those who don’t know – when getting a professional oil change there is a wide open space in the floor under the car. The open space is the length and width of a standard compact car. There are usually two or three of these at every oil-change venue and this sign refers to them. Honestly, I think there’s some kind of rubber netting they put across the opening when there is no car over it – to break a fall just in case. So, I don’t think it would necessarily be as colossal a fall as they suggest here (well, unless someone forgot to put the netting across – *cue diabolical laughter*). Something about the way the stick figure man’s arms and legs are flailed about as he pitches ass-over-tea-kettle into the opening just slays me every time! You can almost see his face and hear him screech in fright! (*Giggle*) – K



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