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Pump Gas Firt September 6, 2009

Posted by projectabsurd in Gas Stations/Convenience Stores.

With the price of gas being sky-high in 2007, many gas stations required a pay-first, pump-later policy. Here is a stellar sign Ham found on a gas pump one day back in 2007. It was trying to tell people is was ok to go ahead and pump first…


This sign makes me want to cry. And I don’t mean from laughter. Ok, maybe a little from laughter. Where do I even begin with this? This sign is covering what must have been an even more inferior sign, if that’s even imaginable (raising the question – why didn’t they just remove the first sign before putting this one up? But, I digress…). If you look closely it appears someone first wrote this sign in pen and then went over it with a magic marker. This means somewhat detailed attention was paid to this sign, and still we have the words “firt” and “insaid”. I realize that most gas station workers are not Mensa candidates, but these are not even real words! I like the “OK” in the corner – is this a question or an answer? You could debate this indefinitely. An indication that the writer was proud of this sign is the triple line flourishes they took the time to create in each corner. Perhaps they drew these for emphasis, so no one could miss this extremely important informational sign they took so much care in crafting. -K



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